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IFAT trade fair participation in Africa

5° Memorial Paolo Martinelli
Once again in 2016 Farid has decided to support different projects which aim to help others in need
IFAT trade fair participation in Munich
The Memorial "Paolo Martinelli"
TRANSPORTCH 2015, CH-3000 Bern November, 12-15 2015
ECOMONDO, Rimini November, 3-6 2015
WASTE TECH, Moscow May, 26-28 2015
POLLUTEC LYON 2-5 December 2014

FARID INDUSTRIE Spa sells its subsidiary, MORO, to Kaiser Ag
IFAT trade fair participation in Munich
New compactor Vector
Farid is 50 years old
Farid European Group Purchase Heil Europe to Extend Product Range and Service Provision to its Customers
New vacuum pump PM3000 Storm
New appointments to the Board of Directors of Farid Industrie S.p.A.
New office in Canegrate for the Farid Service Center & Logistics
Group photo
Our regards to Paolo Martinelli
Farid Industrie joins the Charter for the Principles for the Sustainable Development
Wastes: an emergency but also a business
A brief guide for identification of non-compliant refuse collection vehicles
Anfia and Rimini Exhibition sign the return of the Sal.Ve up to 2019
Excellent welds at Moro plant
Everyday Better prizegiving
Farid France
Extension of the Environmental Certification ISO 14001:2004 to the Moro plant
As part of a growing commitment in the environmental protection, Farid Industrie in 2009 achieved the Environmental Certification UNI EN ISO 25002:2004 for the site and the factory in Vinovo. This was followed, in 2010, by the extension to the plant of Besana Brianza (MI).
The route taken in 2009 has recently ended with the extension of the certification also in the "Moro" plant of Fiume Veneto (PN): Farid Industrie in this way meets the target to get the Environmental Certification for all its manufacturing plants.

Farid training for ITS Pininfarina

Participation to the next IFAT trade fair in Munich
One of the most important events of 2012 for our industry will be, next spring, the new edition of IFAT fair, to be held in Munich from 7th to 11th May 2012.
Becoming over the years a leading trade exhibition for the vehicles for the ecology and a showcase to the north and east Europe markets, the IFAT is a must for all companies interested in international markets.
In this edition Farid Industrie will be present in the external sector F6, stand 602/1. Here, as usual, the covered area will be used for customers welcoming, while the external area will be devoted to the display of products, on which more information will be given later.
We invite you to consider the opportunity to come and visit us.

New Service Center in Lazio
"Everyday Better" - Family open house

To encourage employees involvement in the true development of our business, Farid recently organised an informal "family day" where everyone was invited to come along and participate in organised fun activities.
Called "Everyday Better", the fun day event took place on Saturday 24th September where everyone attended with their families in a relaxed atmosphere.

Attending on this special day was the Mayor of Vinovo, Maria Teresa Mairo and Farid Industrie CEO Paolo Martinelli who formally unveiled a plaque in tribute to all long serving Farid workers who have gained or exceeded 35 years of service within the Group.

During this occasion, an award was made to Elena Musso, Sales Assistant – Foreign Trade Office, who has reached 35 years of continuous loyal service.

Very pleasingly, many children attended the fun day with their families helping to create a totally relaxed atmosphere and emphasising the importance of such occasions within the local community. This is for our people, the environment and the future.

Farid Industrie opens a new branch in Switzerland

Confirming its "Green Soul", recognized by achieving the Environmental Management System certification according to UNI EN ISO 14001:2004, Farid Industrie proposes to use the best available techniques and to adopt an attitude aimed at achieving maximum efficiency in consumption of natural resources. For this reason it has decided to use in all of its manufacturing plants electricity from renewable sources such as wind power and biomass, thus giving a small - but significant - contribution to the reduction of harmful emissions and improving the environment in which we live .

Farid Industrie for the Environment

Confirming its "Green Soul", recognized by achieving the Environmental Management System certification according to UNI EN ISO 14001:2004, Farid Industrie proposes to use the best available techniques and to adopt an attitude aimed at achieving maximum efficiency in consumption of natural resources. For this reason it has decided to use in all of its manufacturing plants electricity from renewable sources such as wind power and biomass, thus giving a small - but significant - contribution to the reduction of harmful emissions and improving the environment in which we live .

Visualize the certificate

An internal competition to help to improve the Quality, Security and Environment

During the year 2011, Farid Industrie wants to concentrate its focus even more on quality, following these three directions: product-service quality, environment and safety. In this context, as the slogan "Everyday" has served to affirm the values that the company wants to transmit with their actions are the result of a continuous process that flows every day, so now Farid Industrie thought to contain in these two words,
the sense of continuous quality improvement that Farid Industrie wish to obtain, day by day, thanks to the contribution of each employees.
"Everyday Better" is therefore also the name of an initiative intended to reward the talent, the sensitivity and dedication to their work of men and women of Farid Industrie.
In this spirit, from the month of April, it has been called an internal competition open to all employees of each establishments with reward, every month, the most worthy idea or suggestion in improving the quality, safety or environmental protection.
Updates and developments of the initiative will be posted on these pages.

Extension of the environmental certification ISO 14001:2004

On December 01, 2010, Farid Industrie has obtained the extension of the environmental certification for the production plant in Besana Brianza (MB).
Achieving this result represents an important milestone in the approaching path taken by the company with the aim of certifying all of its manufacturing plants; a process that began in October 2009 with the release of the first certification for its plant and headquarters in Vinovo (TO), and intended to be completed in September this year with an extension of UNI EN ISO 14001:2004 also to the Moro plant in Fiume Veneto (PN).

IFAT 2010

It ended the 2010 edition of IFAT fair in Munich, which was again confirmed in this occasion, a privileged international window for the central and eastern Europe markets.
In this regard, Farid Industrie would like to thank all customers who visited our stand and renew the invitation to the next edition, already scheduled for the spring of 2012, from 7th to 11th May.

Eima Exhibition - Bologna 10 - 14/11/2010

We will be present to the next EIMA fair, the International agricultural machinery exhibition in Bologna from 10th to 14th November 2010. On this occasion we will present the Moro Pumps range and accessories.
Come to visit us at hall 20, booth D76.

IFAT exhibition � Munchen, 13 - 17/09/2010

We will be present from 13th to 17th September 2010 to IFAT exhibition in Munchen, the most important European show for the sector, from this year in an unusual timing, at the end of summer rather than spring. On this occasion, we will present a preview of the most important changes in our urban sanitation equipments as well as a new range of vacuum pumps.
So we will be happy to meet you at Hall F5 � Stand 502/12.

Farid obtains the new ISO 9001:2008 certification.

Farid Industrie has constantly committed itself to improve its qualification in supplying high quality products and services to maximize customers'satisfaction.
Integral part of this viewpoint are all activities concerning the management of in-house processes, which brought the Farid Group to increase the Quality Management System (SGQ) fully compliant with ISO 9001 .
In December 2009 Farid Industrie put another step by obtaining the certificate of conformity to the new ISO 9001:2008, proving once more to be among the first companies owning this new certification.

Visualize the certificate.

New investments in Productive Facilities for the Brivio Division.

With the intention of following an always better quality of its productive process, the Farid Group in these latest months has made several important investments at Besana Brianza productive plant (Brivio Division).
These are in details the new installed facilities or to be installed:
Tunnel painting facility made of two shops: the first one with mobile lifting platforms is equipped for the painting with AirCoat spray gun; the second one with drying furnace and wiping of the painted components. The facility uses water-soluble paints with lower environmental impact
Robotized welding machinery FANUC, robotized arm type with 6 axles interpolated between them and trackers system; it allows very high results in terms of times and quality. The facility has double rotating lathes with interpolated axles to allow the welding of the carriage and sweep plate components of the Farid compactors
Robotized welding machinery with three robots FANUC, robotized arm type with 6 axles interpolated between them, all with arch trackers system and laser; it allows to obtain short working times with high quality welding. The first robot welds the external part of the body, the second one the internal and the third one welds the T1-T2 tailgates and the FMO hoppers; everything at the same time
Laser cutting machinery with mobiles optics Platino model of PRIMAINDUSTRIE is a very fast machine, with low consumptions, efficient and compact. It has a programming system that allows us to satisfy all the cutting requirements for the Farid products.

The MK1 breaks into Farid's product range.

A new model enters the family of the minicompactors.
The new equipment, named MK1 after the older brother has a two elements compaction system (sweep and carriage plate), it's available in a 5 version suitable for 3,5 tons chassis and in a 7 version for chassis with a higher GVW.
The container lifter and the electrical/hydraulic systems are the same of the ones mounted on the the top product of this range (PN and MK2).
The equipments are already commercialized and will be exhibited for the first time at the Gorent stand, during the next ECOMONDO in Rimini.

Progetto Vector 2015

Farid industrie S.p.A. participates together with a team of other 20 partners (Iveco, Centro Ricerche Fiat, Amiu Genova, Catania University, Parma University and others) in a project of technological innovation for the sustainable transport, financed by the Ministry of Economic Development within the "Industria 2015" Tender.
The project, named Vector 2015 (Eco-Compatible Vehicle for the Optimised and multi-Role urban Transport) promotes the research of innovative contents that have an impact on the competitiveness of the production system. From an innovation point of view and through the creation of a group of companies that want to achieve industrial excellence, the project goes through these technological-productive primary targets:
1. The Eco-compatibility of the surface transport systems and their production processes
2. The relieved congestion of the surface transports, inter-modality and logistical nets
3. The sustainable urban transport
4. The safety of the persons and the goods in the surface transports
5. The competitiveness of the surface transport systems and their processes

In the specific of the project Vector 2015, Farid participates in carrying out a Refuse Collection Vehicle characterized by high levels of safety, reliability and environmental performance, together with a strong reduction of the consumption thanks to the development of alternative tractions and technological optimization.

All the partecipants (pdf - 0.1 Mb)
Industria 2015

New Farid container lifting device

Besides the cooperation with Terberg as written above, the Farid offer is enriched by a new model of container lifting device "comb" of its own production.
Farid has developed an evolution of its container lifting device "comb" by carring out a products line able to give interesting performances.
Under the name of New Standard, Evolution and High Performance we can offer the following specifications:
- Prepositioning of the container lifting device according to the container's type with two or four wheels to unload.
- Automatic hooking of the containers with two and four wheels.
- Control of acceleration and slowing down cycle, both when raising for unloading and when lowering for repositioning the container on the ground.

Commercial partnership between Farid and Terberg

Farid has concluded with Terberg, leader company in the high performance container lifting device sector, a commercial agreement for utilising these devices on its own range of rear loader compactors .
The Sales and Marketing Dept. are at yr disposal to show you the different options and to identify together with you the most suitable choice according to your working necessity.

New CANBUS electronic for Farid rear loader compactors

Starting from the last January, before with the T1 range compactor and then with the T2, Farid has introduced, as since time for the Side loader equipment FMO model, the CANBUS electronic instead of the system previously used, PLC.
Without considering that only by having an electrical/electronic system like this type it is possible to guarantee the conformity with any regulation today required, this new generation system allows also:
- important advantages on failures searching and in general with all the maintenance activities;
- a better interface between the operator and the equipment for what concerns functioning and safeties;
- possibility to expand the controlled functions, due to the more frequent necessities of introduction of new normative safety requests and of recording data and information during the waste collection service.
If you need more information please check the technical spec. here enclosed or contact us. We'll be happy to give you more details about it and if required a demonstration.

Technical specifications CANBUS electrical/electronic system


We will be present, through our company Farid UK, to the next CIWM Futuresource 2009 exhibition which is taking place in London from 9th to 11th June.
We will take the opportunity to show some of the most recent equipments from our range in particular a FMO single operator refuse collector, a Selecto unit and a Micro mini refuse collector with a new side loading container system.

The new series Elegance

The new series of the middle segment of Moro equipment, called Elegance, has been shown in preview to Italian and Export market.

This new production line, which will be launched in the Italian market starting from coming October, is a real revolution in comparison with the past.

Completely redesigned, both the tanks and the plant engineering, the new series Elegance contains the best of technology available at the moment and foresees the use of techno-polymer to mould the lines of bodywork according to avant-garde stylistic standards. Therefore it is not a simple restyling of existing products.

Elegance configurator

The complete range foresees 34 of different versions, types and/or dimensions, equipped with tanks in 3 different materials.

The valuable line of the equipment, fruit of the study of a world known designer, has been conceived to closely link together with the chassis on which they are mounted and corresponds to a new idea of outfit for this market: In fact, Elegance, outgrowing the concept of an equipment as an assembly of heterogeneous components, starts from a project in which each single element harmonizes to the whole idea of the unit, exactly as a car.

The novelties Elegance continues also in the cab's control panel which has been replaced in the line Elegance, by an oval console expressly studied to improve the ergonomics and the comfort of the operator. The futuristic line and the colours of the panel have been accurately chosen for the perfect insertion in the dashboard of most modern vehicles.

The form of the lateral polyethylene tanks takes up the rounded stylistic lines which enjoyed great success in the Tornado equipment and valorises them even more thanks to the sinuous profile of the covering bodywork. In this way the operation directed to give a family line to Moro products, which were already unique on the market, is completed, rendering them from now on better recognizable.

Elegance marks an epochal turning point in the world of vacuum and the idea of this "revolution" comes up simply looking it: you only need one single glance to realise how the traditional equipment are incredibly "antique". You be the judge!

Award-painting for Farid

Farid Industrie turned out to be one of the awarded companies from ANVER (national painting association) this year, for the best painting with water finishing.

This acknowledgement, aimed to award those companies that paint their products with paintings having the minor environmental impact, has been given to 20 companies, each one belonging to a different industrial category, during the show "Saloni della Verniciatura" in Verona.

At its current ninth edition the "Selection Top 20" awarded in the years international companies, such as: New Holland, BMW, Smart, Iveco, Beretta, Riello, Cordivari, Fantoni, Scattolini, I Guzzini, Meliconi, Candy, and other companies as much important.

Farid Industrie won the category "industrial vehicles" with its refuse collector T1SM, painted with water primer, finished with bicomponent acrylic water-based enamel and end-painting with transparent bicomponent water-based enamel, which give more compactness to the film and more reflex of the UV rays.

Participation of Farid Industrie at IFAT (Munich)

The participation of Farid Industrie at recent IFAT in Munich was a great success thanks to the high number of visitors, confirming the international vocation of the company.

The visitors attending Farid Industrie's stand were impressed with the qualitative level of the exhibited product range with particular reference to refuse collecting vehicles, to can-bus electronics which will equip all Farid refuse collectors.

Regarding Moro products, a remarkable success achieved the Tornado equipment, flagship of Moro's ADR equipment, for its line so unique and refined.

Coming participation at the Pollutec show

Farid Industrie will be at next Pollutec show which will be held in Lione from 2nd to 5th December 2008. In an indoor expositive area (Hall 2 - All�e AF - Stand 80) we will introduce the most recent part of the production. As far as regards the products with Farid brand, we will exhibit the refuse collection vehicles and mini refuse collection vehicles.
As far as regards the sewer cleaners, the show in Lione will be the first European window for the new line Elegance which redraws the middle segment of Moro equipment. There will also be an interesting novelty in the minimum-sized equipment for urban use.

Moro Pumps: new vacuum pump range at Eima show

The new vacuum pumps of the series AIR will be shown in preview at coming EIMA International in Bologna from 12th to 16th November. In an expositive area in hall 20, stand 70, there will be both all models representing this new range and all pertinent accessories of the vacuum line.

Go-rent a Ecomondo

Go-rent, the society of the group dedicated to the rental of equipment for ecology, will exhibit in Rimini on the coming Ecomondo-show (5-8 November 2008) a small collection of the latest equipment which became part of its own fleet.