Farid is also about Assistance. Not many companies in the sector, either in Italy or abroad, can boast an after-sales structure on a par with Farid. The only company in Italy with seven company-owned centres, we also operate in Spain, England, Switzerland, Romania and Venezuela. Our service revolves around three main areas: Assistance, Warranties and Parts.
Assistance is a global service both in terms of direct service and by means of a series of carefully selected Authorised Workshops.
The Warranties sector handles all the problems arising during the period covered by the warranty and is also responsible for training both our own assistance personnel and that of our clients.
The Parts division is concerned with the timely delivery of components requested by clients and/or repair personnel, as well as updating and distributing all the documentation concerned (price lists and parts catalogues).
A team of more than one hundred people work 365 days a year to meet all your needs following the delivery of our products.